Meal Prep Tips

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Eating healthy can seem like a chore when exploring the ins and outs of options available while working. Meal prepping has gained popularity as a way to save time, money and eat healthier. With advance planning, individuals can prepare meals based on their specific goals and nutritional needs. Hopefully these meal prep tips can help you.

Meal prepping can span a whole day of food or a meal for each day of the week. In general, Sunday has become the international meal prep day for those who like to plan for a whole week. Once a bulk amount of food is cooked, it is then portioned out for daily consumption. This is preferred because it removes a lot of hassle.

Keep Meals Simple

Chances are if you are cooking a meal and spending too much time leaning over a cookbook, it most likely won’t be an experience you want to repeat weekly. Starting with recipes that are easy to make and require minimal amounts of ingredients will help ease you into the process of meal prepping.

Avoid Spoilage

Some foods don’t keep well. You most likely wouldn’t want to eat baked fish that has sat in a Tupperware container for five days. Being realistic about what foods will keep better than others and taste good after a reheat is imperative for maintaining a positive attitude about meal prepping.

Utilize Proteins for Variety

Protein sources can be easily paired with other items to change the taste and feel of the entrée. Instead of being stuck with the same one meal over and over throughout the week, add variety to your dishes by grilling different vegetables and splitting them between different containers with the same protein sources. This will break any monotony!

Treat Yourself

Meal prep doesn’t have to just be entrées. It is important to remember that occasionally you will want a snack and having a healthy option is imperative for overall success. Find your favorite healthy snack and make sure you have it on hand!


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