How To Speed Up Fat Loss This Summer

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It’s almost summer and time to speed up fat loss. The time where everyone heads to the beach and takes their shirts off. Do you? Well, if not, here are a few ways to speed up the fat loss so that you too can say goodbye to your shirt and hello to those abs.

Avoid Liquid Calories

You probably know by now to avoid sodas because they are just full of sugar and empty calories. Well, it’s not just sodas you should avoid, things like sauces, dressings and even juice can quickly ramp up the calorie count. Yes, fruit juice is healthy (freshly juiced) but you are much better off just eating the piece of fruit, it will fill you up for a considerably less amount of calories. Salad dressings are another thing to watch out for, yes the vegetables and grilled chicken are low in calories but the sauces can add anywhere from 200-500 calories. Be wise!

Try Fasting

Fasting is a great way to boost fat-loss. You just fast for anywhere from 12-16 hours and then eat the rest of the day. This way, you consume fewer calories and you give your digestive system a break, allowing you to expel waste much more efficiently which leads to a flatter and less bloated belly. Just having a bloated stomach can add an extra inch or two to your waistline.

Control Your Alcohol

Yes, we know it will be summer and you have a ton of beach parties to go to so I won’t tell you to completely skip alcohol but I will tell you to make some wise decisions. First of all, alcohol can seriously mess up your hormones, causing an increase in estrogen which pretty much brings fat loss to a halt and second, as previously mentioned, it’s a lot of extra empty calories. Choose clear colored drinks as opposed to the darker ones as they tend to have fewer calories and sugar. For mixers, go for diet sodas or just a squeeze of lemon. Also, make sure to have at least a glass of water in between each drink. It helps to keep you hydrated and makes sure you don’t go overboard.


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