How to Improve Posture

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If you’re an average human being living in the average world working an average desk job, then there’s a good chance that you have a weak posture. It happens to everyone, sitting hours on end working a boring desk job, it just doesn’t do anything to improve your health. There are many reasons for a weak posture—sitting too much, lack of exercise, muscle imbalances, etc. The important thing is to recognize it as soon as possible before it turns in to something serious such as back pain, etc.

Here’s a few ways to improve your posture:

Be aware of your posture

The reason most of us actually end up with a weak slouched back is because we don’t really pay any attention to it. If we were more aware, we would definitely do something about it. So make a note of it at your desk, write it down on sticky tape and stick it somewhere that you are likely to see. Make a note to get up and stretch every half an hour or so and consciously try to keep a straight back as much as possible, pull your shoulder blades back, suck in that gut and straighten your back.

Strengthen your back

Strengthening your back, especially the lower back can have an almost immediate impact on your posture. A weak posture starts from your back and hips and strengthening them goes a long way. Do 4-5 sets of exercises such as back extensions, face-pulls and barbell rows to build a stronger back.

Engage your core

Exercises that deeply engage your core, such as planks, help to strengthen all your core muscles, which are also known as your stabilizer muscles. This takes a lot of the pressure off your back and creates a strong balance between your back and core muscles. A strong core results in a great posture.

Correct imbalances

This a very common problem that happens in a lot of beginner bodybuilders. They focus a lot on the front part of their body, the visible muscles and don’t pay as much attention to the back part of your body. Body parts such as the neck, back and hamstrings. This creates an imbalance between your muscles and results in a poor posture. If you’ve been training your chest, shoulders and quads more than the rest of your body. Stop for a few weeks and focus on building the back part of your body and you will notice a huge difference in your posture.

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