How to Get Motivated

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Lets get motivated! We need motivation for just about everything that we do in life and the same goes for the gym. If we’re not motivated, we never stay on track, never progress and eventually just give up on our goals and dreams. If you find yourself lacking motivation, don’t worry, it happens to everyone and its normal, you just need to know when it’s happening and to find your way back.

Watch videos

If you ever find yourself lacking the drive or the motivation to get to the gym, here’s a free and easy way to get hyped. Just go online and search for some videos of your favorite athlete working out or look for some of Arnold’s (or anyone else’s) motivational speeches on YouTube. These are sure to get you hyped up for your lifts!

Remember why you started

I know you’ve probably heard this time and time again but that’s just because it’s true. The best way to get back on track, is to remind yourself why you started their journey. Whether it’s to look good on the beach, for winning competitions or just being healthy for yourself and your family. Remember why you started and you will surely find your way back.

Make a plan

It’s very easy to fall off track if you don’t have a set plan and a list of goals. It’s really easy to lose yourself in the chaos of having to figure things out as you go. Make a list of goals and set a plan of how you’re going to achieve them. This way your mind is clear and you have no excuse to not go and get things done because now you know exactly what you have to do to achieve your goals.

Find a buddy

Having a gym partner really helps because now you have someone that relies on you and vice versa. Neither of you want the other one to fail and to fall off track so you will always be there to motivate and push each other. Find someone who is compatible, discuss your goals and get to work.


If nothing works, just take a day (or two) off. Maybe your lack of motivation is coming from something much deeper inside. Maybe your body is tired and you haven’t been recovering well or maybe there’s just too many other stresses in your life. It’s perfectly alright to just take some time off and relax, just make sure you don’t use it as an excuse to get lazy. Take some time off, get your life back on track, do what you need to do and then get right back in to it, full force!

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