How Can You Make Cardio More Enjoyable?

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If you are like most people, cardio likely isn’t your favorite part of your workout routine. While hitting the iron can be more fun, cardio serves an important purpose in helping you burn calories and achieve the physique you truly want. If your sessions are boring you out of your mind, here are some easy ways to make cardio more enjoyable.

Occupy Your Attention

Spending time on a treadmill that faces a wall will make the time you spend on it seem like an eternity. For this reason, many gyms will have tv’s attached to treadmills to allow you the opportunity to occupy your attention and mindlessly continue walking without thinking about it too much. Use this time to catch up on your favorite shows with a mobile device or find something on one of the channels that interest you.

Play Some Sports

Hitting the courts or spending a day on the pitch may seem more like a fun, competitive day than cardio, but you are still receiving the same benefits you would training in the gym. Gather your friends for a pickup game and you will have your cardio requirements done in no time. Remember, cardio doesn’t have to include the assistance of a treadmill or stationary bike.

Swim Some Laps

Are you looking for an excuse to hit the local pool or just want to use your own backyard pool more before the summer ends? Swimming laps around your pool is a great way to not only focus on cardio but build lean muscle like you commonly see with Olympic swimmers. Even better, swimming is a low impact cardio option because of the buoyancy the water provides.


I hope these tips can make cardio more enjoyable for you in the future!

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