Free Weights Vs. Weight Machines

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If you have spent much time in a gym you have undoubtedly seen the visible separation between free weights and their machine counterparts. It is not uncommon to see some individuals take a hard stance on one over the other, while some may utilize both to achieve different results. The ultimate goal of this article will be to explain the benefits of each to decide which camp you fall into. The ultimate debate: Free Weights Vs. Weight Machines.

Free Weights

One of the biggest advantages of using free weights is the allowance to train functional movements that will impact and improve muscles used to perform daily activities. Free weights allow for full ranges of motion while machines keep the user locked into a set form that is much harder to deviate from. This means the muscle you are building will be extremely beneficial.

Most individuals utilize free weights because of the availability they offer. With just one weight a multitude of different exercises can be done to work many different muscles. The downside of machines is that they are often for targeted muscles and often have a wait time to use.

Weight Machines

Weight machines are beneficial for a variety of exercises and are often used by many beginners. The ability to look at the machine and read directions can help new users start their fitness journey. With machine availability, a circuit can be created and performed easily.

The biggest draw to weight machines is the ability to effectively remove the need for a spotter because the machine is equipped with safety features. If you don’t know the proper techniques used for lifting free weights, weight machines can guide you through the range of motion. This means that muscles are being isolated more effectively, but complete movement patterns aren’t being performed.

We hope this information helps steer you in a direction for which is suitable for your training needs. If you are still unsure, start with machines to gain insight on what proper form feels like. Once you feel comfortable enough, you can then move on to free weights.

Maybe Free Weights Vs. Weight Machines isnt as much of a debate as a form of progression.


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