Considerations When Carb Cycling for Fat Loss

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One of the biggest problems athletes face during low-carb dieting is the loss of energy associated with the removal of dietary carbs. If you are experiencing this first-hand, perhaps you could benefit from carb cycling instead. While carb cycling, individuals will mix higher carbohydrate days with low carbohydrate days to reduce the negative side effects seen with low carb dieting. If you are hoping to keep fat loss from stalling, try using Keto Salt for energy instead!

Mix High Carb Days with Heavy Training

The whole purpose of a low-carb diet is to decrease the number of carbs you are consuming. However, carbs are used by the body to facilitate energy and can cause performance loss when cut out completely. Naturally, then, it makes sense to have high carb days during your cycle while performing strenuous activity.

This consideration will ensure that your body is using the carbs when needed without storing the excess as fat. Carbohydrates will convert to glucose in the body, which can be converted to glycogen and stored in the muscles between meals. If you consume more carbohydrates than your body can use, the body will store the excess as fat.

Focus on Complex Carbs

When carb cycling, it is important to focus on eating carbohydrates that provide nutritional value for your body. The key is to focus on glucose and avoid fructose at all costs. Complex carbs can be obtained from a variety of food sources including wheat, corn, quinoa and rice.

Complex carbs can often be defined as foods that contain natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Simple carbs can be found in products like white bread, white rice and sweets. Complex carbs are often easily determined to be a healthier choice, making identification easier.

Expect Some Water Retention

When doing a typical low carb diet, the beginning of the weight loss journey begins with a flush of water weight. When focusing on a high carb day in a cycle it is not uncommon to notice an increase in water weight. The good news is this will be lost as soon as you start the low carb days again and will not be retained as fat.


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