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Halloween is finally here! And if you have been slaving away in the gym only to see your muscles haven’t grown as much as you’ve hoped, you likely are looking for ways to improve them. While nothing can replace proper nutrition and training, prohormones have become a popular way to encourage muscle growth without the severe side effects commonly seen with anabolic steroids. If you are ready to build monster muscle this Halloween season, here are some pro-hormones that may support you.


DHEA has a long and storied reputation for being one of the most effective prohormone ingredients still available on the market. And although this hormone has been around for years, Dermacrine increased the effectiveness by providing a topical lotion formula as an alternative to tablet or pill competitors. This allows DHEA to quickly be absorbed and converted within your body while bypassing the digestive system.



Black Lion Research’s Follidrone is the next generation of natural anabolic and muscle building products. Utilizing 99% Epicatechin and Ecklonia Cava EC, this capsule-delivered pro-hormone was designed to build muscle and burn fat to create the chiseled physique competitive bodybuilders strive to achieve. Follidrone also works great when stacked with other Black Lion Research Products!



As a new addition to the Muscle Research product library, Muscle Gelz AndroHard has quickly become a popular muscle building supplement because of its use of R-DHEA. This naturally occurring DHEA derivative is unable to convert to testosterone or estrogen but instead converts to DHT, the hormone responsible for masculine traits and physical strength. As a clean gel with no scent, AndroHard dries quickly and is rapidly absorbed by the body to promote muscle growth.


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