Boost Your Keto Diet With Fasting

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While the Keto diet has risen to prominence in recent years, fasting has been a long-standing way to improve weight loss. While there are many different fasting periods that you could utilize, there are many different ways this practice can improve your weight loss. If you are attempting to make your Keto diet more effective, here are some ways that fasting can help.

Caloric Decrease

One of the biggest benefits of fasting is the ability to drastically decrease your caloric intake. This is especially true if you don’t overcompensate during your next meal and overeat. For instance, if you are completely cutting out a single meal each day, you will likely see more results than you could have previously. In most cases, you can begin fasting after dinner and let it continue until lunchtime for the most impact.

Increased Hydration

While fasting, you will likely be consuming a lot of water to keep hunger at bay. This not only helps you power through stressful periods, it improves your hydration levels. You can drink whatever you like in most cases as long as it doesn’t have excessive calories or hidden calories. Other options include tea or coffee for energy or water flavorings if absolutely needed to keep from breaking your fast.

HGH Secretion

Human growth hormone, or HGH, is utilized by the body to not only fight obesity but increase muscle strength and growth. While fasting, the body will naturally produce HGH that will make its way into the bloodstream during workouts for extra support. When this happens, you have the ability to turn your body into a fat burning machine and achieve your weight loss goals.


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