3 Training Mistakes to Avoid

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Whether you’re just starting out training or you’re a seasoned lifter, everyone can make mistakes sometimes. It’s just natural, no one knows everything and it always helps to take a step back and analyze your workouts. Hopefully this articles will help you to avoid the 3 most common training mistakes.

Now, I know we all just want to get in there pump some iron drink a shake and get back to our busy lives but that’s just not how it works, you need to carefully plan everything in order to avoid injuries and continue making gains. Here’re a few things you should definitely avoid:

Not Planning Your Workout

Planning your workout before hitting the gym is probably the best way to make sure you get an efficient workout, no time-wasting, no BS just pure work. You need to carefully plan everything that you are going to do in the gym each day, how many sets, reps, weight, resting period, etc. just so you don’t waste time when you’re actually lifting the weights (you include this wasted time in your total workout time don’t you?)

Now, if you’re just going to the gym some days because you’ve already hit your main workouts and just feel like pumping some iron, go for it. Just do what you feel like but when it comes to your main lifting days, it always helps to have an action plan.

Not Warming Up

Warm up? Who needs that? Why should I lift puny weights when I can bench 500lbs? Big mistake buddy. Never ever skip or rush through a warm up because it literally, could save your life.

A proper warm-up ensures that your muscles are well, warmed up, properly before a big lift. Ignore this and you will end up injured, broken and miserable. All it takes is 2-3 sets of light-medium weight and you’re good to go. It’s stupid not to!

Staying Within Your Comfort Zone

If you’re not progressing at least weekly in the gym, whether its weight, sets, reps or time taken to complete your workout, you can bet your ass that you are not making any gains. You need to make sure that you are continuously pushing yourself and striving to do better, I’m sure you’ve seen that guy in the gym who has been the same exercises and pushing the same weight for 2 years now. He still looks the same, doesn’t he? Don’t be that guy.

Be careful with this one, though, you always want to be pushing yourself but don’t ever push too hard that you end up hurting yourself. Know your limits, plan and lift and you will grow, safely.


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