3 Habits That Destroy Gains

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There are a ton of articles out there that teach and preach about the most effective ways to build muscle. They go on and on about what you should do, what you should eat, how you should train, etc. This isn’t one of those. This is the complete opposite. This article tells you three habits that destroy gains.

It’s good to know what doesn’t work so that you can avoid it and do the complete opposite. Let’s get down to it!

You Train Too Much

This might be a surprise to some but if you’re going balls to the walls every single day for hours upon hours on end, you’re likely doing more harm than good. Sure, you can get by for a week or two doing this but eventually, your body is going to burn out.

If your body doesn’t get enough time (and calories) to rest and recover, it will go in to chronic fatigue mode and you will just end up feeling lethargic all the time and completely lose all your motivation to hit the gym. Take it easy, workout for an hour or two for up to 6 days a week and always take at least one whole day off. If you’ve been hitting hard for a couple weeks, you might want to consider taking an entire week off.

You Don’t Progress

The best way to bring your gains to a halt, is to just do the same thing day in and day out, week after week. Your body is incredibly intelligent and if it does not receive the progressive stimulation that it needs, it stops growing.

Therefore, it is extremely important to keep a training log. You should know exactly what you did the week before and try to beat that workout. Whether it’s doing more sets and reps, adding more weight or just completing the workout in lesser time, you should always be progressing in the gym. If you’ve been lifting the same weight for the last 2 years, I can guarantee you haven’t been growing.

You Don’t Eat Enough Calories

Your body needs two key ingredients to grow, rest and calories. If either one of these is missing, your body won’t grow. You need to be consuming more calories than you burn in a single day so that your body can use those extra calories for growth and repair. See our gainers here…

If you are not eating enough but training hard, the last thing your body would want to do is build more muscle because it’s already stressing out trying to repair the damage that you are doing to it daily.

You don’t have to go crazy with the calories either, 250-500 calories above maintenance levels is more than enough for most people. Eat in that surplus for a few weeks and if you don’t notice any difference, up your calories by another 250 until you see some gains. Don’t let these habits destroy your gains.



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