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Category: Pre-Workout
Manufacturer: G Code Nutrition

VICE TriChamber: The New Era



Product Information

Introducing VICE TriChamber: The New Era! A new trinity of incredible VICE flavors now inhabit the most forward-thinking and audacious packaging in the industry. Bangin’ Black Cherry, Pina Colada Crush and Lemon Italian Vice. Potent, packed with power and lip-smackingly refreshing, the New Era VICE TriChamber ushers in a new era in preworkout performance products. If you dont like these 3 flavors check out the VICE TriChamber: The OG


Whats the recommended dosage for VICE The New Era?

Mix 1 scoop of VICE flavor of your choice in 14-20oz of water and drink intra-workout. Do not consume more than 3 servings in a 24-hour period.


For more warning information on this product please read the label on the product.

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