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Granite Supplements Essential Aminos EAAs is a complete blend of essential Amino acids (not just BCAAs) you'll wake up craving. Essential Aminos are scientifically proven to aid your body in protein synthesis during and after strenuous workouts. You can build muscle with all the essential amnios, so we have you covered!

What can I expect from EAAs?

  • Supports muscle protein synthesis and recovery
  • Replenishes electrolyes
  • Promotes muscle rebuilding
  • 100% Transparency - No proprietary blends

Whats the suggested dosage for EAAs?

Mix one scoop (13g) into 12-16 ounces of water and shake or stir. Consume 30-40 minutes prior or during training. As always, for stronger and sweet flavor use less water and for weaker use more water. Adjust to the way you like and enjoy!

Drink 1/4 of your aminos on the way to the gym and finish them by the end of your workout, so that as soon as you break down your muscles you start the process of rebuilding them.


You can also drink Essential Aminos throughout the day as alternative to sugary drinks. With it's great flavor you’ll forget about everything else.


Keep out of the reach of childern. Store at room temperature, tightly closed. Aviod excessive head. Some product clumping may occur.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure of prevent any disease.

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