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If you use powdered supplements or drink mixes, or are caregiver to an infant who is given powdered formula, you’ve experienced this struggle. Youmove the container, and the scoop settles. You store the container on its side, and the scoop settles. Not anymore! ScoopMate is an innovative new product that allows you to conveniently access the scoop within any container, without the risk of messes or contamination.


  • Makes finding your scoop easy! End the search! The ScoopMate was designed to store the scoop within the lid or on the side of a bag so thescoop is always positioned for easy access. Finding your scoop is easy no matter how full or empty your container is.
  • Reduces contamination and messes! The ScoopMate reduces product contamination and messes by removing the need to “dig” for the scoop!
  • Designed for a universal scoop fit! The ScoopMate was designed to be a one-fits-all product. From protein to infant formula, ScoopMate is your answer.
  • It’s removable! When you empty one container, simply move your ScoopMate to the new container. ScoopMate was designed with versatility at the forefront.

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