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Category: Extreme Flavors
Manufacturer: Premium Powders

Grape Flavor Mix



Customer Reviews (1)

Average Rating:5

Product Information

Grape Flavor Mix – Add great tasting flavor to any supplement!

Erase the bitterness of any bulk powder by infusing it with Premium Powders Grape Flavor Mix. With the addition of our mouthwatering, lip smacking flavors you will never have to choke down a horrible tasting supplement again.

Add just one scoop of flavor to your favorite protein powder, pre-workout, or post workout shake and taste the deliciousness. One scoop of these addictive flavors can erase the most bitter or chalky, dull taste, of even the worst supplements.

The best part is there is no more flavor packets limiting you on how much flavor you can add.  Each of our flavors comes in their own 4oz container so you can add as much or as little flavoring as you like. Choose from one of 4 tongue tantalizing flavors or mix and match to create your own fruit combo.

If you want the best tasting pre-workout shake ever, if you need to add flavor to a flavorless supplement like Glutamine, Beta Alanine, Alcar or Creatine, we have the solution. Premium Powders Grape Flavor Mix will make any supplement taste delicious! Forget about other flavor packs, this stuff even tastes great in water!

Customer Reviews (1)

Average Rating:5

This is a pretty simple thing, but awesome for your bulk products and home-made pre-workouts and intra-workout concoctions. I remember the days of using Crystal Light packets and it was tedious and expensive (in the long run). This is way more cost efficient and you can get something as flavorful or not as you'd like. Grape is my favorite of the bunch.